First of all, this project was started last year in my design class. I was given a project to design a typographic poster with a question "What Is Thai Graphic Design?" so I came with the idea of rush because when we go outside and look around, we can see graphic design works everywhere, yet many of them look unfinished. I feel like they need to be improved, so I summarize that my key word for Thai graphic design is "rush".

Accordingly, elements in the poster have to show sense of rush. I experimented in different ways to communicate "rush", for instance; mistyping, using the default font (in this case, I used Adobe Illustrator, the font is Myriad Pro), making letters look moving so quickly, insert paper little wrongly (this causes tearing effect on the right edge of the paper), pulling the paper while printing out,  fingerprints with ink, making the poster crumpled, and implication of something newer is already coming.
A Font of Rush
An experimental font of rush with the effect of pulling paper while printing out intentionally. Characters are all scanned and defined digitally. It is fit to be a display font.

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