Wiredtech is IT consultancy specialising in Microsoft Infrastructure and deployment technologies. Specifically SCCM /MDT building and deploying Windows OS.
According to the company background, it is more focused on larger corporatesproviding Microsoft Technology Services.
The new logo design should deliver trust, look cleaner and modern.
To communicate the design refinement idea from the keywords I think they are appropriate for the new design, I use uppercases, slightly bold shapes, to show the company strength visually.
Behind the scene of softwares is programming, coding, and technical knowledge. These are all about the company service. The new logo should deliver trust, cleaner look with modern touch. To represent trust, bold uppercase type is used. The type style derives from a programming font, related to the company service. It is customized to be more modern and readable when it is small. The abstract symbol idea is the direction movement of how to type WIREDTECH word on the standard qwerty Microsoft keyboard layout.

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